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The Green Knight

The Green Knight


POWER LEVEL: 9 (124 power points)
ABILITIES: STR: 18 (+4) DEX: 14 (+2) CON: 28 (+9) INT: 10 (+0) WIS: 10 (+0) CHA: 16 (+3)
COMBAT: Attack +1 (Melee +3, Battleaxe +7, Battleaxe in the Green +9), Defense +7/+9 in the Green (+4 flat-footed), Initiative +2
SAVES: Toughness +9, Fortitude +12, Reflex +6, Will +8
SKILLS: Bluff 12 (+15), Gather Info 8 (+11), Intimidate 8 (+11), Notice 8 (+8), Ride 4 (+6), Sense Motive 8 (+8)
FEATS: Attack Focus [Melee] 2, Attack Specialization [Battleaxe] 2, Diehard, Equipment 4, Favored Environment 2 [The Green], Fearless, Fearsome Presence 4, Power Attack, Rage 1, Well-Informed

Regeneration 8 [Resurrection: 1 round] (E: True Resurrection)
Anatomic Separation 1 [Head] (PF: Triggered [being killed])
Super-movement 3 [Permeate – full move] (F: Limited to earth)
Immunity (Suffocation) (F: Limited to use with Super-movement)

— Equipment [4ep] —
Battleaxe – Strike 3 (E: Mighty)

The Green Chapel:
Size: Large [2ep]
Toughness: +5
Features: Living space, Isolated[2ep]
Abilities 36 + Skills 12 (48 ranks) + Feats 19 + Powers 26 + Combat 16 + Saves 15 – Drawbacks 0 = 124

My Wiki-Fu and own reference books have linked the concept of the Green Man and the Green Knight together so I thought it would be fun to give Arthur and company a slightly more mystical aspect. How could I not with a kick ass picture like that to use?

The Green Knight has an HQ with the Green Chapel. The exact nature of the place is nebulous, but I’ve opted to make it a break in the forest with a shattered and ruined chapel at the centre. The place is of course always covered in soft green grass and the chapel itself is completely overgrown with moss and ivy making it green as well. The isolated part represents the fact that people do not approach the area because of its reputation.

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